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I'm a strategist and film director with a background in engineering, advertising and journalism. I help you to innovate with more impact and better ideas. ​

I specialise in Films for Change: a cocktail of imagination and serious investigation designed to make discoveries and influence behaviour.

Films for Change can work for you through sessions, videos and training. Together we will first make people laugh, and then make them think.

Please contact me for a chat: +31 20 845 81 65


How I Can

Help You

How do you go beyond words to get your vision across? By making documentary portraits of leaders and key team members as they turn strategy into exemplary behaviour. Shot...
Lead by Example
2 hr
1st meeting is free

Het Coachhuis (location for sessions)

Binnenkant 24

1011 BH Amsterdam

The Netherlands


+31 20 845 81 65

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